This site is in the preliminary design stage, and is a personal web site related to cemati.org (an ITT project). For the moment, we share with you a PDF file, with links to free access resources on mathematics, mainly oriented to the foundations of mathematical logic and mathematical proofs, as well as material to develop a general appreciation for the mathematical profession and its development:   Enlaces Mat-2018 Básicos (version 1.11, 2018.01.10).

Best wishes for the New Year 2018.

π Day Celebration

Happy π Day (March 14)

(revisión 0.1, 2018.03.14:19:39)

The following Racket code, generates the previous graph, representing the decimal expansion of \pi up to 2018 digits of precision:

The \pi value used in the previous code, can be obtained also with Racket, running the following simple program:

Thank you and enjoy your mathematical and computational explorations.

Appreciation of mathematics (preliminary-edition)

[Preliminary initial content] A first step to develop an appreciation of the mathematical profession as a human endeavor, is to celebrate the achievements of mathematicians in our history: we invite you to know and enjoy the following sites: { UNAM: Matemáticos en México. | St. Andrews: MacTutor History of Mathematics | Simons Foundation: Science Lives (videos) }


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